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Meet the Staff of Newaygo Auto Sales And Service Center

Jake Murphy - Mascot

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Jake likes to come to work to make new friends and to eat any popcorn that may find its way onto the floor.  Jake is Joe's best friend and a couple of times a week, he can be found lounging around the showroom and greeting our guests.  Jake is a happy, lovable mutt.  I have been told that he is black lab and pincer, but there has to be some hound dog mixed in there somewhere.  Stop in and say hi to Jake.  If you do happen to drop a couple of kernels of popcorn onto the floor, Jake will be your best friend for life.

Joe Murphy - Sales

231-652-9000 - murphman83@aol.com

Newaygo Auto Sales & Service is now under new management.  We are re-inventing ourselves to serve our community better.  You will see it in our smiles, in our attitudes, in our service before and after your purchase and you will see it in our selection of newer, lower mileage cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.  All of our vehicles are clearly priced with not only the current month's retail book value, but also our price.  In everyone of our vehicles is the Carfax report, the current month's retail book value and our low price.  No games.  No gimmicks.  No BS.  We are here to EARN your business by being open, honest and transparent everyday.  Come in today and let us show you the new Newaygo Auto Sales & Service where we are committed to earning your business and rebuilding our relationship with this community that we call home.  Come meet Joe Murphy today.  He is our new manager.  Joe is originally from Grand Rapids, but he and his dog, Jake, our now proud residents of Newaygo.  Joe may not be all that smart, but he sure is a nice guy!  He is not a salesperson and it's apparent that he doesn't know how to fix a car.  In fact, we are not really sure why we hired him, but he does a great job moving cars around the lot.  Stop by and say hello to Joe today.  The coffee is always ready and we are always happy to meet our new neighbors.